The urge to sing - and to share the experience with others - is in all of us.

Singing, like laughter, play, sunshine, the outdoors and exercise,

helps maintain our well-being and happiness.


Singing is FUNDAMENTAL to human-ness.

As individuals, regular singing benefits us physically and emotionally.

It strengthens our lungs and the supporting muscles.

Singing strengthens and tones the muscles in the face,

making us look younger.

It improves breathing & circulation,

sending more oxygen to the brain and body,

resulting in better mental acuity.

When we sing regularly, our thyroid gland is stimulated,

which helps balance metabolism.

It opens our sinuses, strengthens our immune system,

improves our balance, posture,

and can even help us stop snoring!

It improves our self esteem,

reduces anger & depression and relieves anxiety.

Singing energizes us physically and emotionally

and lowers our pain & stress levels.

Singing helps us more easily grieve losses in our lives

and releases emotional blocks.

Learning new songs develops our ability to multi-task

and improves our listening skills.


The greatest benefits from singing, however,

only come when we sing with others.


Group singing is one of the things in life where

feeling better is pretty much guaranteed.

It promotes bonding, leading to greater understanding and empathy

and a shift from ego-based to more unifying philosophies.

Our hearts literally beat as one when we sing together.


Working together on a song - learning the individual parts

and then hearing it all come together -

can be indescribably uplifting.

Together we experience the joyful effects

of creating something so much larger than ourselves

as our collective voices create an awe-inspiring sound.


Singing benefits us all - individually and socially -

and we believe that

singing is something that we can all do

successfully and enjoyably.

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